TIME: the present.

PLACE: the Hanover farm in the rolling hills of central Kentucky just southwest of Danville.

STORY: Dawn Hanover, “that other woman’s child”, is soon to arrive at Hanover farm. Her father, who years ago left Granny Loomis (the matriarch of the family) and ran off with “that other woman”, has died and left Dawn his share of the farm.

Dawn has taken time off from her successful public relations firm in Los Angeles to return to the farm and connect with the family she has never known.

Dawn arrives. The family is in an uproar. “That other woman’s child” has come to claim her rights.

Granny locks herself in her room and refuses to see Dawn. It seems Granny swore, after her husband left with “that other woman”, that no one else would ever leave Hanover farm. She fears that the arrival of Dawn will bring about the fall of the family.

But Dawn actually becomes a catalyst whereby the family, for the first time in decades, frees itself from the shame and guilt of the past and looks to the future with joy and celebration.


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