Mark Hatfield* (Dancer, Knob, Townsfolk) recently performed in Sweet Inspirations, a gospel musical at the Pasadena Playhouse. He’s performed in The Irish Plays: The Liberation of Jerome Gleason (ADA Award nominee), Jews Without Money, and the West Coast premier of Wild Mushrooms, which is bound for New York in August. He’s directed John Patrick Shanley’s Savage in Limbo, The Quiet Room or what happens when a schizoid ballerina is locked in a room with a DUCK!, which toured Canada and Australia (ADA award winner), William Mastrosimone’s SHIVAREE, and the West Coast premiere of Folk and Race, at the Cast Theatre. Mark appears in two independent films due to be released later this year, The Rose and the Swallow and Independently Versed. Mark would like to thank the Knowles Clan for their immeasurable generosity.

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